On this map you get an idea where Koh Pangan and our school is.

Thailand is a beautiful country in south east asia with nice and lovely people.(If your experience are different to this it may be because you just went to the wrong places like Pattaya ore Puket.In this locations are to many tourist just looking for fun and Thaipeople there just focus to make money and there life is just a tough competition with other bussinescompetitors,so they lost all those positive human charakteristics.)
Thailand is a country with beautiful nature nice beaches and islands with beautiful reefs,natural jungle,beautiful mountains ,interesting animals and it has a lot of history with many interesting historical places to visit.
So it is not nessecary to spend some boring holidays only to sun onselfe at some beaches ore hotels.
There are possibilities for everybody to spend some interesting holidays,no matter how old  ore in what healthconditions you are.
You can do trips to the jungle,with tracking,elefantriding ore rafts at some wild rivers,enjoy some hot springs ore refreshing waterfalls, deepseafishing,snorkeling or diving at beautiful reefs,sightseeing at some historical places ore some beautiful tempels all over the country,visit some interesting animalattractions like elefantcamps (mostely with elefantrides),krokodile- ore snakefarmes with shows,beautiful orchid-and butterfly farmes and many more.
  snorkeling in Thailand                                                                  Na Muang waterfall at Kho Samui        
  Rafting at the north of Thailand                                  Elefantriding  
 The Spiritual Thailand
Thailand is also a country with a lot of spirit,so it is also possibel to learn meditation ore Thaimassage at many schools all over the country.
Other spiritual schools,where you can learn some yoga ore Tai Chi, brought in by foreign tourist (they prefare to live in Thailand) are also available.
                                                         Some historical spiritual places
      Meditationretreat for foreigners