Tai Chi at Koh Phangan in Thailand

           ,,New Life" Spiritual Center 


  School for Tai Chi,Chi Gong and Tai Chi Meditation

  at Koh Phangan in Thailand


A place for a start in a new,spiritual live.

Hallo und welcome to Yang Tai Chi at Koh Phangan in Thailand.
I would like to introduce my little new place,surroundet by tropical nature,where you can combine some relaxed holidays with some spiritual activities included a nice accomodation in our bungalows.
If you plan to enjoy your holidays at Koh Phangan in Thailand and you are interestet in Tai Chi,Chi Kung and Tai Chi meditation (all of this are used at chinese traditional medicin) and if you would like to know more about it,you are welcome to spend a view days here. 
Tai Chi could change your life totally,your whole body will benefit from this exercise and your mind will relax with the meditation part and so hopefully you always will remember your holidays you spend with us in Thailand


              Peter from Germany ( Tai Chi Instructor )                         
This little center to teach Tai Chi,Chi Kung and meditation you can find close to Mae Had beach,at the northwestcoast of Koh Phangan,
a nice tropical island in the golf of Thailand and is surroundet by beautiful tropical nature.

My teaching program includes Tai Chi,combined with Meditation,some sitting Chi Gongs (auch als Tao Yoga bezeichnet ) und also standing Chi Gongs and silk reeling ( some old chinese healthexercises also used in TCM ). 
If you interestet to learn something about
Thaimassage,Meditation or some basic Yoga exercises you are also welcome to join us.