Thermemaris Health & Spa Resort - a fontain of youth - a place for your health






The ThermeMaris Health & Spa Resort offers as a Spa Hotel alternatively and curative therapies and treatments complementary to conventional medicine. Our 28 thermal springs (5 mother sources) and our selenium-containing mud are in their mineral concentration remarkable in Europe.
The thermal water temperature is about 26 ° to 28 ° C.
The therapeutic methods used therein are controlled under medical supervision.

Our mud comes from the natural treasure of our thermal springs and is rich in valuable minerals and trace elements. Selenium, Potassium chloride, Magnesium, Calcium, Bromides and Sulfur, a total of 57 minerals are included in our Peloid -Mud.

This Peloid is particularly suitable for skin problems like psoriasis, acne, eczema, skin inflammation, irritation and cellulites. Our mud is also used to alleviate inflammatory conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, as well as joint and muscle pain and to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.

Our Nile Turtles (Trionyx) shown how beneficial our thermal water is, even threatened by extinction they are living since generations in our Sulfur – mineral lagoon. Their main reserves in Turkey are the preserve area of Köycegiz / Dalyan and the protected ThermeMaris delta.

A fountain of youth also for you

Between Fethiye and Marmaris, just 4 km far away from the international
Dalaman Airport you will find the SPA Hotel Health & Spa Resort Thermemaris surrounded by a
botanical garden on the southwest coast of Turkey. Where Aegean and Mediterranean Sea meets
each other a salty thermal lake is the result of constantly bubbling hot springs and the sea, it’s the
boarder of the Hotel.  To the Dalaman beach is it about 800 m. On one side of the nature reserve
a wooded area is bordering on the other side the International Airport of Dalaman. Depatures and
landings can be viewed from the Yayla plateau. The mild climate, the natural beauty as well as the
flora and fauna rich nature plus the proximity to historical sights and especially the hot springs and
natural mud (peloid) provide an incomparable holiday. Thanks to the mineral-rich water which
granted a relaxed and rejuvenate holiday time. At least comes the pleasure of admiring the century old Nile Turtles (Trioniyx) which are located in the thermal lagoon. If you would like to defer the
aging and staying in good health the Spa Hotel ThermeMaris will be your address. The hot springs are
a gift of nature, a special kind of fountain of youth.


Thermal Park:
* central outdoor pool in the heart of the complex (700m ² [27 °] highly concentrated multi-mineral)
* Aqua Park: slides with sulfur and selenium mineral water [source].
* Thalasso therapy Pool: Salt water swimming pool (245m ² [27- 30 °])partly covered/in Wintertime closed heated area
* nearby a natural state sulfur pool direct from the source
* Children's pool (filtered hot water (26 °)
* Cleopatra Pool: natural source multi mineral pool with the highest
   Mineral concentration (800m ² [27 °])in its natural state
* Thermal-Trail: Sulfur thermal channel (stream) for  muscle strengthening (30 m [27 °])
* Outdoor sulfur mineral pool in the lagoon next to the mud bath and pools(peloid treatment)
* Asthma cave (under medical supervision)
* Salt Cave
* Drink-cure cave nearby the Yoga Park
*New: a 15 pax saltwater heated Jaquzzi in the AQUA DOM
*New: a 2. Saltcave above the Main Thermal Source 
*New: a outdoor Russian sauna ( under construction)
*New: Sunterrace on TOP with magnificient view and Mineralpool

Spa and wellness center
* Swimming pool (half Olympic)
* 2 large whirlpools [36/38 °] with thermal water of different mineral compositions
* 1 child pool
* Peloid - Multi-mineral mud bath spa tubs (Unique in its mineral concentration)
    Our mud-house for various applications, ideal for rheumatic  and skin diseases).
* Panorama -sauna
* Hamam (Turkish bath / steam bath)
* Massage rooms
* Fresh-air relaxation area.
* Vitamin bar [only in summer]
* New: Mist Lounge [outdoor/only in summer]

Spa and wellness are important to us, whether for a relaxing holiday or a cure geared specially to your treatment needs, whether for weight loss or to treat stress, physical suffering or serious skin diseases like psoriasis. We would like to affect you for a positive well - being.


High up close to haven you will find our Beauty- farm; where we offer a variety of applications.
All treatments are listed below “Spa & Beauty Program”
The Penthouse - sun terrace is a resting place where we offer mud packs and peloid - massages. Treatments with the Kangal Doctor - fish [Garra Rufa] you will get next door. This application leads to a successful cure, proven of many skin diseases like Psoriasis.

Health center ( Wellmed):
In our health center you will be medicated under medical supervision.
Therapeutic treatments will be used in our THERAPY CENTER.


Resort’s Free Activities
  • Entry Day (First Day) partially Doctor Check-up in  the WellMed Centre
  • 3 Natural Thermal Spring Pools ( Outdoor)  with Multi-Thermal Mineral water including Sulfur and Selenium
  • 1 Thermal Water Aquapark
  • 1 Muscle Strengthen Thermal Water Pool Course
  • 1 Heated Thermal Pool
  • 1 Kids pool
  • 1 Convertible (indoor to outdoor) to be Heated Saltwater Pool
  • 3 Outdoor Natural Peloid Mud Pools
  • 1 Asthma Cave (16m. Lenght)
  • 1 Natural Spring Cave (Drinkable)
  • 1 Thermal Lake (3km Lenght)
  • 600 m. Lenght Beach (Aegean Sea)
  • Beach at Thermal Lake
  • 2 Thermal Jacuzzi in the SPA Centre with a view of a Lake and Aegean Sea (10 Pax)
  • 1 Indoor Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool
  • Turkish Hammam (Steam Bath)
  • Sauna with a view of Thermal Lake and Aegean Sea
  • Adventure Showers
  • Free Internet Service
  • Table Tennis, Billiard Tables, Game Cards, Okay Tables, TV Movie (Film) Room, Mini Club, Backgammon, Trampoline, Tracking, Bathrobe, Beach Towel, Deck Chair (Sezlong)
  • Relaxation Lounges with a view of beautiful ThermalLake and Aegean Sea
  • 1 A’La Carte Restaurant with a view of Thermal Lake and Aegean Sea (150 Pax)
  • Lobby Bar, Sera Bar, Aqua Bar, Vitamin Bar, Disco Bar
  • Room Service and Telephone
  • WellMed Centre Therapy Programs such as; Psoriasis Program, Physio-Therapy Program, Detoks Program, Anti-Stress Program, Anti-Cellulite Program, Slimming Program, and Thermemaris Youth and Beauty Programs
  • Doctor Fish (Garra Rufa) Therapy, Magneto Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Manual Therapy Technics, Manual Physio-Therapy, Ultrasound, Laser Therapy
  • All SPA Massages such as; THAI Massage at the Apache Shelter by the Thermal Lake, Bali (Balinese) Massage, Anti-Cellulite Massage, Hot- Stone Massage, Aroma Massage, Thermemaris Massage in Natural Historical Lycia Cave,
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